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Rick and Morty Rushed Licensed Adventure (eng)

Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed AdventureПрисоединяйтесь к Рику и Морти в ретро игре, сделанной разработчиками за очень короткое время и еще меньшим бюджетом.

— Control Rick and Morty in this incredible action adventure game! Use the arrow keys to move your character. Click on an object to inspect it or place it in your inventory. To combine objects click on an item in your inventory then select an object in the game world. Switch between Rick and Morty by clicking their heads in the bottom right corner (Episode 4). Don’t forget to try and alock the secret unchievements!
— Sometimes looking at an object before picking it up will give you a hint on how to use it.
— Not everything you place in your inventory will help you win the game.